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Re: Percentages off

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Wed, Jan 17 2024 1:32 PM (2 replies)
  • VanMeerV
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    Sun, Jan 14 2024 5:22 AM

    Wgt it is about us about time we have demanded a bigger percentage off the price, I have been here 12 to 115 years and have nothing but raising in prices and you give a 10 percent off if you rent a club and then buy it. 

    I feel the country has raised there prices and you have also so not it is time to Raise the percentage rate off when buying equipment, when buying balls and new clubs.

    I myself have told stores if you send out coupons and there not 35 percent off you don't want me to shop at your store. 

    Get the hint ? 










  • craigswan
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    Sun, Jan 14 2024 8:25 AM
    Groupon is the answer .
  • Tony08888
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    Wed, Jan 17 2024 1:32 PM

    No offense meant, I could not understand your post so, I ran it through AI and this is what ChatGPT seems to think you are saying. Correct me if it is wrong:


    "It's high time we pushed for a larger percentage off the prices. I've been around for 12 to 15 years, and all I've seen is prices going up. Offering a mere 10 percent off when you rent a club and then purchase it just doesn't cut it.

    The way I see it, the country has hiked prices, and it's only fair that we increase the percentage discount when buying equipment, balls, and new clubs.

    Personally, I've made it clear to stores – if your coupons aren't at least 35 percent off, you won't find me shopping there. Let's make sure our loyalty and spending power are acknowledged!"


    If this is your meaning, prices do seem to always go up long before before paychecks can catch up. When wages do increase, companies like WGT with intangible goods are forced to cover the higher staff costs or make cuts. I personally do not want to see anyone lose their job.

    I have noticed the WGT Utility balls replaced the old ones and the price went up on those. Additionally, they've added new, more expensive ball levels, while the mid-range options appear to have remained unchanged. If club prices have gone up, I wasn't aware as I've had the same set for a while. It seems to me that by introducing newer expensive equipment while leaving the existing the same (other than balls that cost penny's) was a wise way handling this.

    Not dismissing your complaint, I just have not noticed the increases if there were any.