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Re: spin by driving

Tue, Jul 18 2023 3:43 AM (1 replies)
  • alpenpirat
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    Tue, Jul 18 2023 12:04 AM

    sometimes you must reed any new after years experience. What kind of spin do you give by driving from tee? i give mostly top spin, as well. 

    but what i see last days, if have 2 players the same driver and ball, there have diferent distance. Also must be different spin working there, my thought. 

    may its only the web conection? 



  • BlackBogey
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    Tue, Jul 18 2023 3:43 AM

    It's my general experience that a bit of backspin (25-50%) will "usually" yield the optimum combination of carry and roll.  Lots of variables to consider though - wind, elevation, landing area contours, and overall spin built into the ball to begin with.  I generally use about 25-30% backspin if I'm using a 4 spin ball, but will add a little extra if I'm using say a 2 spin ball.  I can't really think of a situation where I would ever use more than 25%  topspin with a driver.  

    Full backspin will yield most carry if you have a bunker to carry or need the the extra spin to stop the ball from running through a dogleg, or if you have a strong tailwind.  A little topspin can help if you are into a strong headwind and have a fairly flat or slight downhill landing area where the ball can run out a bit.  No one solution works for every situation.

    Also consider that 2 players may be using different apparel attributes that can greatly effect driver distance.  I've played a lot of coin rooms where I routinely get outdriven by 10-15yds by players with "inferior" driver/ball combos simply because they are wearing the SE apparel and I generally don't use any distance-boosting apparel. 

    Web connection would have almost nothing to do with it, unless it is so choppy that you are consistently missing the ding by a wide margin.