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recent update from playstore.

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Fri, Jun 2 2023 3:53 PM (0 replies)
  • madmanmax17
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    Fri, Jun 2 2023 3:53 PM

    about 5 days ago when I logged in to play, an update message popped up.  So sure, I did so.

    Now the game is ALL SCREWED UP!  I'm playing on a Chromebook laptop.  I've gotten dq'd over half my games, because the game isn't responding.  When I try use the reverse image to set the distance and location of my shot, it goes WAY over board, and takes forever to tie down to the right location.  Then, when I click and hold on the centerline of the meter to draw the club back to shoot, half the time it doesn't move, the other half it stops about halfway to where I want to go, so I have to stop, let it run through and then try again.  

    DQ,...out of time.

    Putts, same thing.  I set the cursor for the location I want the ball to aim at.  When I start to putt, one time it turns me around in another direction, and if it doesnt, it does same with the tee or fairway shot...meter backswing stops about halfway to where I want it to be.

    I have tried just now to uninstall it, and reinstall from the play store.  NO SOAP.  Same things happening.

    I can't play this game when the app does what it wants instead of what I want.  What's going on?