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Editing of a club's custom course's via the WGT website

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Sat, May 13 2023 1:56 AM (0 replies)
  • FuturaUK
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    Sat, May 13 2023 1:56 AM

    This is mainly addressed to WGT Nico, but it would be interesting to know if others are experiencing the same 'challenge'.

    Today I tried to edit a 'custom course' via the website (where I normally do this).

    Each month I set a 'Lottery Tournament' for our members to take part in, and each month I vary the course/ holes/ setting etc. 

    I was able to change the holes but when I tried to 'save it' I got the message:

    'Oops - unable to save'

    Despite trying this several times, the same message came up.

    I then went across to the 'in game' site and proceeded to edit in there... and I was able to do what I wanted.

    I find doing it this way very tiresome and long winded (a pain the the backside tbh!)

    Can this be looked into please Nico?

    Surely we should be able to carry out the function of editing customer courses via the website?

    It is so much easier and quicker to do via the website.

    This is not just my opinion, but the opinion of my club's owner and her directors, as well as other club members who use the custom course facility, all of whom set tournaments for the club on custom courses on a regular basis.

    As there are a number of other outstanding issue with the websites 'functionality', I  am wondering if WGT are planning to get rid of the website altogether??

    I hope this all makes sense...

    Kind regard