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Re: Blitz mode

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Wed, Mar 15 2023 11:44 PM (4 replies)
  • Zek100
    4 Posts
    Thu, Dec 29 2022 8:07 AM

    Are we ever going to get Blitz mode back?  This was the mode I spent the most time with and playing skins as an alternative isn't as fun.

  • Zek100
    4 Posts
    Tue, Feb 7 2023 1:43 PM

    Nobody should be quitting in blitz because a lucky shot can win it all.  A stick hit was worth 25,000 points.  That is why we liked it, because you were never out of winning.  In a skins game of random 3 holes if you tie the first hole and someone wins the 2nd hole there is no point playing the 3rd.  Plus we liked Cabo Del Sol and Bali Hai courses in Blitz mode and those courses are missing now.

  • Tekomax
    56 Posts
    Wed, Mar 15 2023 11:44 PM