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Re: help with chipping

Thu, Aug 25 2022 3:17 AM (11 replies)
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  • bossbird
    1,916 Posts
    Tue, Aug 23 2022 1:35 AM

    This may not help you but for me , I never use a chip shot up hill I use pitch with full backspin, unless I am pinching a bit of distance, then no or minimal backspin. Anything over 30 m I use full shot rather than pitch, chip or flop. The problem for me comes from second cut rough , short distance on anything more than fast green. To control the ball then I purposely miss the ding short, usually still with a pitch. I have tried to perfect using pitch , but still have a lot to learn with flops, and bit to learn with chips. 
    I just watched the above video , it was really informative, it’s the first tuition video I have ever watched , no wonder I am a rubbish player ! Lol  

  • tareedave
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    Thu, Aug 25 2022 3:17 AM

    Thanks for the pointer just shot 72 bear trap vast improvement

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