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Display decimals on TopTracer

Mon, Nov 22 2021 2:02 PM (0 replies)
  • PrimerLance
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    Mon, Nov 22 2021 2:02 PM

    Driving distance and proximity to the hole are tracked to the hundredth of a foot, so it makes no sense that the display only shows things rounded to the nearest yard while bizarrely including two decimal places that are always zero.


    It's not terribly important to parse between a drive of 314.5 yards and one of 315.49, but when you're mapping pitches and the like, being able to detect the difference between a carry of 8.5 yards and 9.49 is kind of a big deal.  And this can be remedied by literally just displaying the data you are already tracking.  This could be fixed almost immediately, and there's no reason not to.