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Re: More for CC's

Sat, May 15 2021 10:18 PM (5 replies)
  • MalleeHacka
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    Tue, May 4 2021 9:55 PM

    Whilst I appreciate the fact that there are many reasons why people play WGT, let me put my ‘cards on the table’ and state that for me, and I suspect many others, it’s the ability to connect with others through the CC system that keeps me playing. Look at my score history and you’ll get a clear idea as to where my interest lies.

    It seems to me that over recent months, or even longer, WGT has placed a lot of emphasis on things for gamers, and not so much for golfers. I’m a past golfer, but due to personal circumstances I am no longer able to play the game that I played for many years. During those years I found that being a member of the club was one of the best things about playing golf. As a WGT player I feel the ability to be a member of a CC is pretty much the same, but with some significant limitations and that’s why I think WGT should put more effort into improving the CC component of WGT and I’ve got a couple of suggestions along those lines.

    Coins! What value are they under the current structure? Whilst others might play ‘coin rooms’ or one or three hole games, I don’t and have no interest in doing so. My suggestion is for WGT to set up a ‘CC Coin Bank’ system so that WGT Coins can be played for in CC tournaments. The CC tournament creation system already has a facility to set an entry fee and to ‘Add to Purse’ in relation to credits, so why can’t WGT Coins be added as an alternative. The ‘WGT Coin Bank’ system would need to be set up so that the CC has control over the payout arrangements as many CC’s operate their own handicap system and don’t rely on the ‘off-the-stick’ scores that WGT publish on the Tournament Results page on the WGT website. Under the current WGT scoring system the top players in the CC would win all the time! That’s not what I’m looking for! The CC would need to have a nominated ‘Director’ in charge of the ‘Coin Bank’ with the ability to transfer the WGT Coins to the players in the tournament who have won as determined by the tournaments pay-out arrangements.

    Another suggestion I have relates to the WGT scorecard system. I would like to see a more detailed, hole-by-hole scorecard system for CC tournaments, so that the tournament organiser has more information on each player in the tournament. WGT already shows a player their scorecard at the half-way stage in an eighteen hole event and at end of every event. Why can’t these scorecards be captured and made available to the tournament organiser to use when and where required. Such a system would open up the opportunity for a CC to run a wider range of events, in conjunction with their handicap system that many CC’s have. You could run Stableford, Par, Four Ball and Best Ball tournaments as well as different events such as ‘Triple Sixers’ or ‘Birdie Chase’ events or even a ‘season eclectic’ and there are undoubtedly others . The opportunities for CC’s to maintain interest in their tournaments, as well as the possibility to retain players or attract new ones to WGT due to more variety would also be a bonus. If the opportunity to get more scoring information from CC tournaments was available, I’m sure that many CC’s would get involved.

    As I stated earlier, I’m a golfer, albeit a past one, not a gamer, so these are a couple of ideas I’ve got that I think would improve the CC system on WGT. I’d like to hear what others think about my ideas as well as adding any ideas of their own. If, like me you are more CC aligned than other aspects of WGT maybe we can get some changes made. Apologies for being quite ‘long winded’! 



  • alosso
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    Thu, May 6 2021 1:43 AM

    I'm a golfer, too! I came here to play the game I love on courses of my dreams when a surgery held me hostage at home ;)

    It seems to me that over recent months, or even longer, WGT has placed a lot of emphasis on things for gamers, and not so much for golfers.

    It has been longer - ever since Topgolf came in, and ever since the apps have been published. I'm afraid that that's what they pursue - cf. the new "Winner's Circle" competition.

    IMHO, us "real golfers" have to take what they leave for us, at least there's a new course this year, and plenty strokeplay options.

    For each suggestion, there's the implementation costs to consider, and only those with a positive ROI will come to fruitition. Every now and then, there may be a small tweak to please us, but not too much!

    A CC bank has been a discarded thought, and other items to the benefit of CCs appear to be way out of their planning.

    Enjoy the game, and enjoy the views!!

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    Thu, May 6 2021 2:34 AM

    Love the enthusiasm Bob !! 

    I too am in the "Real Golfer" mindset and agree the CC is the BEST part of WGT ...We run all sorts of different systems and events in TFC...But it takes a lot of work (spreadsheets and what not) To pull off fair events  and "Alternative" payouts and prizes ...It would be great  if WGT would make that easier for us owners and directors somehow!! 


  • BStanley6
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    Thu, May 6 2021 3:08 AM

    Great post, I'd love a coin entry tournament fro CC's rather than credits. I'd love the ability to enter a handicap in for members for country club tournaments to show a handicap & gross leaderboard. I wish the CC's could run their own in house Clashes so my 4 birdies , 4 pars & quadruple bogey gives me 69 points instead of par & out of contention. Hell I'd just like a putt to respond how the dots are showing it should to be honest lol . I think we could all put together a list a mile long for enhancements that golfers & not gamers would love to see rolled out.

  • Skulld
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    Fri, May 7 2021 3:22 PM

    Some good points made tbh but the cash cow has to be fed Im afraid guys.But on the subject of something to benefit all CC's I wld like to have the capacity to mail all my members and it show in their app inbox as opposed to the web aspect of wgt.

    My Club is only new and I have a few mobile players on it who either dont know or dont want to know about anything outside of the app itself.And just to clarify....this is not a pc v's mobile rant,but in order to try and run a new club nowadays there are so many barriers that cld be broken down with the proper ability to be able to communicate with my  members outside of actually playing everyone just to get a message across(and btw WGT...player chat doesnt cut it).

    It is just a simple thing,but like u all said,communication with others in a club whether you still are playing,or have played real golf is paramount in a golfing society and I dont think it is too much of an ask imho.


  • Williams01210021
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    Sat, May 15 2021 10:18 PM

    there is so much more they could do for cc's. To be honest the whole of it needs a revamp in my eyes. 

    You should be able to build your club up. The level structure needs upgrading to include higher levels, add more perks to it. Ive always said you could add more individual custom ideas to it. Your own putting green which you could customise, even have putting comps on. Same for a driving range where you can try all the clubs and balls. A pro shop with discounted rates (haha never happen i know) but maybe more custom bags/tops etc made in there, Really should of been the place for all the apparel items to be unlocked.

    Partner Clubs, Join up with another club, have better and easier club matches/tournaments between them. 

    Same set up for tournaments would be nice as this should be a simple thing to do and make tournaments fair but they wont even do that. Ready go's hide scores etc for club ones again simple but they dont listen. 

    Trophy Cabinets for your club events or even for some big wgt events but again would mean someone has to do some work... Look at finny's world cup. They should almost be paying that guy to run that as a wgt comp. No multi club comps is a such a waste. Could have every club have its own Home course which they design and each match some play at home and some play away at the other teams course. 

    Live tournaments? with a live scoreboard. I ran a 16 person one at my old club where everyone logged on and played in 4 balls and updated on our forums but they could do it better if they wanted to. 

    Bigger brackets, Pairs brackets, the list goes on and on but they basically have given up with clubs. They make there money by the retards that are happy to waste thousands on the clash.....