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S.S. & Friends Tournament

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Sun, Dec 27 2020 9:51 AM (0 replies)
  • BPeterson8256
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    Sun, Dec 27 2020 9:51 AM


    Edit: This was a failed experiment that is not longer available. ­čśé

    Open invitation to come play in this week's S.S. & Friends Tournament on Bethpage front 9There will be a random drawing for a sleeve of  TaylorMade TP5x Balls (L81+) in our weekly "S.S. & Friends" Tournament. 

    This is a new style country club. We welcome players to come visit, play in any tournaments they like, read the latest addition of the Simpatico Springs Times, and then return to their home club. Please save your club passes for your home club. We just want players to come visit now and again and have a little fun.

    Tomorrow, watch here for a new post about the Simpatico Springs WGT Tour. This Tour will be played with handicaps, and consists of fifteen 72-hole tournaments. The final event being the Tour Championship with a 10,000 credit purse divided among the Top 3. 13 of these 15 tournaments will be played using the WGT "Weekly 18-hole Single Play" tournaments. So Tour members will be able to play them from the comfort of their home club. The other two tournaments will be Pro/Am tournaments with you playing 18 holes, and the best 18 holes your PGA partner posts that week. Those two tournaments will be played at Simpatico Springs. 

    One of the reasons for the new weekly S.S. & Friends tournaments, is to get players use to the idea of stopping by to play a round with no intention of staying, making it more comfortable if they want to play in the Pro/Am Tournaments. I am hoping this tour and these Pro/Am tournaments become an annual tradition that players look forward to.


    Simpatico Springs