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What meter ball i need to make 3 meter iron into 5 meter iron

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Sun, Sep 27 2020 9:44 PM (2 replies)
  • Flatearth777
    170 Posts
    Mon, Sep 14 2020 3:03 AM

    Callaway MAVRIK Pro Iron Set (L85+)

    Meter 3

    MAX Meter Iron Set (L94+)

    Meter 4.5

    What meter ball i need to make  meter 3 iron into meter 5 iron or more?

    Because if i can reduce meter speed spin 4.5 is better option. 






  • Flatearth777
    170 Posts
    Sat, Sep 26 2020 9:19 AM

    Anyone? i am planning to get 90 level iron with 3 meter speed. 

    3 meter speed is too high. what meter ball i need to make it feel like 6 meter speed?


  • WalrusHollow
    431 Posts
    Sun, Sep 27 2020 9:44 PM

    Are you aware that the higher your meter speed rating, the slower the meter returns so that you are more likely to hit the ding? Your clubs and balls do not necessarily have to have the same rating however they should be as close as possible. If your new Lvl 90 irons have a meter rating of '3' I suggest you try the: Callaway ERC Soft SMB (L34+) D 4.0/ S 2.5/ DUR 2.5/ MS 3.5 (Cost 450). Good distance, high durability rating (around 120 or so hits per ball not counting putts) and a slightly slower meter. They will go very well with your current Callaway Mavrik Irons and it may not be necessary to upgrade clubs again until you hit Lvl 100 when the top of the Cally range becomes available to you.

    Just by the way 'Flatearth777' - it's round like your balls.













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