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Re: need to update courses

Sun, Aug 18 2019 2:49 PM (2 replies)
  • happymt
    818 Posts
    Sat, Aug 17 2019 6:53 PM

    Isn't it about time to update the best of holes, and best of hardest holes to include the new courses?

  • jabonic
    854 Posts
    Sun, Aug 18 2019 10:15 AM

    I agree.  Instead of giving this to a Country Club to make these holes up, why not send out a questionaire to each member and take a vote on which holes should be made.

  • alosso
    20,030 Posts
    Sun, Aug 18 2019 2:49 PM

    I don't imagine that they would invest in this soon. They'd rather point to the CC Custom courses - you can make up any course that you want and pay for playing it.

    (Plus, no effect on the average - more grinding, good for them!)