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Re: Majestic Mountain Country Club - 25 Million XP Contribution

Tue, Aug 8 2023 1:50 PM (36 replies)
  • pjctas0822
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    Thu, Oct 11 2018 5:52 AM


     I also think that it's unnecessary for teammates to keep updating this thread as he gets his next million, five million, etc.   :)

    I made this same comment in this thread but WGT seemed it unfit to post so they removed it for some reason. So let's see if they remove your post Nancy. There was also another member that made a post after I did and WGT removed his post also. What gives ?

    Interesting ....But they wont remove posts from people who troll belligerently and purposely for the sole reason of demeaning another WGT member ...Go figure.

  • alanti
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    Thu, Oct 11 2018 12:01 PM

    here is no reason to go there (criticize Alembic), in my opinion.

    I did not criticize the player, I questioned why and what is the point.

    You have attempted to justify and explain the why....albeit lamely IMO.

    What he has accomplished for his CC is significant and he deserves some "golf claps" for that.

    All he/she has accomplished is accruing a lot of XP points which are worthless and pointless. They cannot be redeemed for anything and there are no tangible rewards.

    "Virtual Golf claps" are reserved for real achievements, like winning a significant tournament or the like.....or more importantly accolades are for real achievements like Mainzman pointed out.

    I have no qualm in people playing clashes, trying to accumulate XP's, trying to have false averages by red tee participation or anything else......

    I understand the CC camaraderie, and the recent World Cup was a good case in point, where the best WGT'ers competed in a test of skill, not a test of endurance. 

    What I find disturbing is anyone who plays WGT for hours and hours, usually alone shows they have an addiction.

    Any addiction can be harmful to themselves, their families and friends and again, I would suggest counselling. 

    Now I do not know the person, maybe there are extenuating circumstances from them leaving the house, but playing any game continuously is not healthy.

    Read a book, go shopping, chat to a friend, play with the kids, watch a movie, go outside and smell the anything else that normal people do.....

    Everything in moderation they say.

    By the way, it was World Mental Health Day a couple of days ago.

  • Whiskeybreathe
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    Thu, Oct 11 2018 12:33 PM

    Almbelc01 ,      

    You  will not be judged by me ....  virtual hand-shakes & fist-pumps headed your way - with a ,'' good game /great job , & keep on having fun ! ''

    Cheers , Jeff






  • MHouse6654
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    Sun, Feb 10 2019 2:47 PM

    Congratulations Paul. Well done.


    No longer having fun



  • littlejohn61
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    Thu, Feb 14 2019 2:37 PM

    Great comment Duff, LOL, Even a better Reply Ale, What are your current earnings is my question to accomplish that. I have many in the millions but this is an amazing and un heard of feat of dedication. I see one other member is on your tail with 23 within one year if I read that right. What I have never been able to understand as a club owner and never been in another club is how they can take that from you for joining my club or any club for that matter. Altho a past member who returns can bring all their xps. I guess if you can build 23/B in one year you really dont care where you go. Always looking for commitment...LJ.

  • jacktrade51
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    Tue, Feb 19 2019 8:58 PM



  • PeteGherardini
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    Tue, Aug 8 2023 1:50 PM

    A BIG congratulations Paul.