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Waterfront Cup

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Fri, May 5 2017 2:39 PM (0 replies)
  • TalonPlays
    12 Posts
    Fri, May 5 2017 2:39 PM

    Welcome to the Waterfront Cup

    This is the newest cup open to ANYONE! Rules are shown



    Simply send me a message saying you want to join. Then, I will take all that want to join, and challenge them to a match play game against me (My stroke average is 88.7 at the time of writing this). Winners will go directly to the tournament, and losers will be put on brink of elimination.
    Losers will be put into a match play. Once we have confirmed a score, the losers are ELIMINATED. Winners are then further narrowed until we have a power of 2 for the contestants remaining

    If we have less than 4 players in a tier, that tier is cancelled. However, if there are 4 or more total contestants, the tournament will continue tierless.

    Tier 1 - Hack - Pro
    Tier 2 - Tour Pro - Legend

    ROUND 1:
    You are separated into different pools of 4. From there, you will compete in a double elimination tournament, with the winners of BOTH the losers and the winners bracket advancing further. After those two teams have been determined, a championship match will stage, best of 1. Winner will go to Round 3, while Loser has to go to Round 2

    ROUND 2:
    A single elimination bracket for the losers of the Round 1 Final. People reaching the Semi-Final will advance to the next round.

    ROUND 3:
    A seeded single elimination bracket for everyone remaining in the tournament.


    Don't forget - to sign up, simply send me, TalonPlays,  a message saying you want to join. Also remember you have a chance to win, no matter what.


    The winner of the tournament will go to the Waterfront tournament of Champions. After 4 Waterfront Cups, the winners will compete, along with 4 other nominees, for the grand prize - 1000 credits. 2nd place would get 100 credits.