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Wed, Jul 1 2009 6:24 AM (0 replies)
  • redrum001
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    Wed, Jul 1 2009 6:24 AM

    just woundering when there will be a update to fix all bug issues like greens grids backwards saying up hill when it's down  and a break when theres not and swig meter i hit just the right distance and goes right to hole at good spped then stops right before hole like it put breaks on 2 mph to 0..this is a great game but getting tired of getting robbed but these buggs and don't know how these people got masters with this like the way it is..unless they are useing something on the side... backspin does nothing foward does more stopping on greens then back go figure..not sure how much longer i will be playing this game the way it is now..also when no wind is preasent you have 156 yards to pin and you hit a club that will reach 156 yards and it falls short to the bunker or rough when you hit a excelant hit on the meter...