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Re: "tibbets and others doing well"

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Mon, Jun 1 2009 8:05 AM (2 replies)
  • SWDE
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    Mon, Jun 1 2009 6:41 AM


    Congratulations to all that have qualified. As for the rest of us still trying to figure this program out it may do us well to look at the leader strong points;


    1. The closest to the pin competitions; many of the US Open leaders have posted most of the very low scores( very early) with an average distance to the pin between 5+ and 6+ feet. This tells me its just like real golf 75% of your game is the short game. it seems to me that they have honed their short game skills (150 yards and less) to the mm so they have many tap in pars and birdies. (drive for show / putt, pitch and chip for dough!)


    As for the rest of us that still play well but not good enough,  perhaps we could do a little "brainstorming" and open a new blog on what has really worked well for you in driving, putting, chipping ect ect. and share this info on the blog for all to try.

    As an example I went to the adjacent fairway on # 1  and landed 155 yards to the hole. 2nd shot was 2 feet away, 1 putt birdie. The next day I tried it again and the WGT had already made it out of bounds!!

    Another example is: when on tee # 5 (14 mph wind slightly L-R ) I drag the target way left and then slice the ball to get more use of the wind and I come also on the fairway, where prior I was often in the "deep weeds or sand trap"

    The idea is that we may be able to help one of us qualify for the US Open and help others play better at the same time. 

    Suggestions and tips should be short and to the point.

    Yes I would like to play with the leaders one day, I am GMT +1hour.

    Its not how to play better- its why you don't!! (or why I don't!!)


    it is now 15:40 Monday 1st of June 2009

  • robertj22
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    Mon, Jun 1 2009 7:13 AM

    Thanks for the great tip on #1... It worked for me today... I did not go OOB and I had a much easier 2nd shot...

  • Thetruth67
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    Mon, Jun 1 2009 8:05 AM

    Glad to see your post. 

    Though I am not one of the elite, if you want a game send me a invite