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Re: Consistancy

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Sat, May 30 2009 6:36 AM (3 replies)
  • alivegentleman
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    Wed, May 27 2009 7:07 PM

    I would like to ask all the top players on here to please respond and tell me how do you play so consistantly good? Lately Im having problems hitting the bar because my speed meter is a little skippy and i miss a lot of short birdie putts. I'm not complaining.. just wondering how do you guys do it? which browser do you play on? how do you do it?


    Also another note on the occasional "ball flying anywhere but straight" when you hit a perfect shot.. I think the usopen website had a quote sounding something like "if you hit a great shot, you should get a great result. If you hit a mediocre shot, you should get a mediocre result..." Now how do i get a great shot if i hit it perfect and it goes into the left bunker off the green.. I don't think that makes sense at all. If a pro hits the ball perfect it doesn't just fly off left and right either.. just a thought..

  • KeithMoonsGhost
    9 Posts
    Fri, May 29 2009 8:24 PM

    i think in addition to this post, it would be cheeky of me but noble of the elite to post a walkthrough of each hole on bethpage...a lot of players are never going to challenge for top100 in tourneys and it wouldn't do no would just be nice to hear a few tricks of the trade!

  • tibbets
    1,043 Posts
    Fri, May 29 2009 8:32 PM

    lol@keithmoonsghost.  I'll be happy to do so...after the US Open finals round is completed ;)

  • alivegentleman
    7 Posts
    Sat, May 30 2009 6:36 AM

    no i didn't want the walkthrough at all. I don't need any top player to tell me how to play each hole on bethpage cause in my mind i can play it perfectly myself but it just doesn't play out like i want it to. But i would like to know which browser and what not before the usopen is over just to see if there's any improvement in that department for players like me that really appreciate a once in a while perfect hit