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Re: Wolf Creek #2 - Tips

Thu, Apr 2 2009 2:33 PM (3 replies)
  • Weirsy
    84 Posts
    Sat, Mar 28 2009 6:50 PM

    Backspin --> little off 9 iron - left of pin


    other hints ?

  • jspatch
    24 Posts
    Sat, Mar 28 2009 8:02 PM


    Finally... i keep coming up short.  I went left of pin with 9... but the trick is to really make sure you get an idea of how  short is short... trying to hit a ball 88yards with a club that's 110 leaves a lot of room for error.  My tee shot was about 11 yards to the left (I think). Not bad.

  • Fuzzygazz
    1,467 Posts
    Mon, Mar 30 2009 8:32 PM


    watch your meter till you find a repeating spot. You should hear beat 9 out of 10 times here. minimal backspin

  • Ferrari355fi
    24 Posts
    Thu, Apr 2 2009 2:33 PM

     I finally got a hole in one. Replay is in my profile. I'm still working on getting a hole in one on #1.