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Gifting Cally Legend Balls

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Tue, Feb 7 2012 2:01 PM by hpurey. 2 replies.
  • gwoody67 Australia
    49 Posts
    Sat, Feb 4 2012 6:06 PM

    Just wondering if anyone can tell me why I cant gift the Callaway Legend balls to a fellow Legend. Just find this rather strange that I can gift anything else but these.

  • Allen63 United States
    364 Posts
    Tue, Feb 7 2012 4:38 AM

    WGT chose to make it this way. Really, that's all it is. It's a bit moot these day with the Nikes available to all, but that was the explanation then and is the same now.

  • hpurey United States
    10,404 Posts
    Tue, Feb 7 2012 2:01 PM

    When the legend callys first came out, they were the top ball available.   I  believe it was set up this way so that mult-accounters couldn't win a bunch of credits at lower tiers then just gift their other 'legend' account the Legend ball.  <<<<< how I see it, anyways...


    Now that we have the Nike balls without the tier restriction it makes no sense.   Atleast make it available for a Legend to gift another Legend those Callways.