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Battle Over Brunch Returns TODAY @ 11am Pacific

Sat, Apr 4 2020 4:54 PM by dandycap. 3 replies.
  • WGTChampion United States
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    Fri, Apr 3 2020 1:50 PM

    Hi everyone, 

    We have another episode of Battle Over Brunch coming your way tomorrow, Saturday April 4 at 11am Pacific. 

    This time we have our host Jeehae Lee taking on Fox Sports broadcaster Shane Bacon. 

    Come join us on twitch.

    Today we will be raising money for World Central Kitchen. Check out for information on the good they're doing in the world and what you can do to help. 


    P.S. I will be calling this episode Bacon Over Brunch. 

  • dandycap United States
    1,613 Posts
    Sat, Apr 4 2020 8:33 AM





  • DufferJohn7 United States
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    Sat, Apr 4 2020 12:13 PM


    Sorry I missed the fun. Tuned in just in time to get the stream has ended message.

    But have a good excuse, completed and filled the taxes LoL

    Hopefully will join in next week.

    Have fun, hit em straight and stay safe,


  • dandycap United States
    1,613 Posts
    Sat, Apr 4 2020 4:54 PM

    Fun to watch.   Looked like real golf.          --    just dandy