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TZL 2017 - Congrats to Champions, The Georgian and Thanks Again All for Playing

Sat, Nov 18 2017 7:33 AM by callaghan159. 289 replies.
  • Dubfore Ireland
    4,193 Posts
    Wed, Sep 13 2017 1:30 PM

    Almost all of the results and league details went missing (again) from page 1. Luckily I had them saved in my clubs forum -except round 5 results which I will repost on page 1 soon.

    Because of the hurricane in Florida etc, round 6 will be extended by two weeks, all matches should therefore be played and completed.

    It's looking like a nailbiting finish. It's not over 'til the fat caddie sings!!

  • Sirbugger Australia
    392 Posts
    Sat, Sep 16 2017 4:32 AM

    round 6 Georgian vs  UFVG 

    Sirbugger 5 up def Threescompany200

    A good friendly game with Barry

    Enjoyed the tournament , ty organisors

  • SylvainH1 Canada
    58 Posts
    Tue, Sep 19 2017 10:12 AM

    round 6 TZL Tournement

    SylvainH1 from UFVG   vs  Stefke1969 from Georgian

    Stefke conceded  holes  1 and 2  (legend vs champion)

    it was a very good match between us,realy enjoy playing with Stefke.

    result  SylvainH    1 up

    win for UFVG


  • Dubfore Ireland
    4,193 Posts
    Fri, Sep 22 2017 3:28 AM

    BlueBear (Cravendale) 2 Up

    Dubfore  (FPGC)

  • Dubfore Ireland
    4,193 Posts
    Sat, Sep 23 2017 12:56 AM

    A REMINDER THAT TZL final round extended by two weeks because of hurricanes.

    All matches should be played no later than Sunday October 15.

  • MHaggstrom United States
    314 Posts
    Wed, Oct 4 2017 8:09 AM
    Georgian vs UFVG Just played my match with Jim5306 ended in a tie. Mhaggstrom
  • Dubfore Ireland
    4,193 Posts
    Wed, Oct 4 2017 10:04 AM
    (FPGC) Tioramon 3Up v 53 willow (C/dale) --- (FPGC) TheStyleCouncil W v C Bluehawk3 (C/dale)
  • jetrep7 United States
    746 Posts
    Wed, Oct 4 2017 1:15 PM
    TZL Round 6 ... UFVG vs The Georgian Match Play : Congressional All Matches Completed. Update ... as of 10/04/17 Last Rounds : Sirbugger . The Georgian . L def threescompany200 . UFVG . L ... 5 and 4 jetrep7 . UFVG . L def ronniebjannamon . The Georgian . C ... 4 and 3 SylvainH1 . UFVG . L def Stefke1969 . The Georgian . C ... 1 up AQUAWRAP . UFVG . L def iamvapour . The Georgian . C ... 1 up Nancy1959 . The Georgian . C def labossm . UFVG . L .... 1 Up Jim5306 . UFVG . L tied Mhaggerston . The Georgian . L Total score following all matches : UFVG def The Georgian 8 - 2 - 2. Team UFVG enjoyed the TZL tournament, well mostly. Met some very nice people. Good Luck to all!! Curt
  • etienne5361 Aruba
    1,000 Posts
    Wed, Oct 4 2017 4:56 PM
    Curt posted all the scores alrdy so , easy job for me this time !! First i wanna congratulate your team Curt WELL PLAYED and a great win. Enjoyed the matchup and i speak for my team a great concept this TZL, i still hope we win this thing (lol). Thanks Micheal for all your effort, and till next season, E.
  • Dubfore Ireland
    4,193 Posts
    Thu, Oct 5 2017 12:13 AM
    Thanks E, your welcome. Apart from the couple of early 'glitches' -not to mention the WGT calamities with some of the posts- it was a good tournament and good craic. The result in the end a lot closer than it was lookin. By my reckoning, -even if we (FPGC) win our remaning matches- I don't think The Georgian can be caught, a half point margin! I could be wrong though, and will double check all the results, and advise anyone with time to do likewise, mistakes do happen. I will be reposting the round 5 results that went missing. Thanks again to all the teams, the captains, their helpers and the club owners.