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The game's consistancy is very poor

Fri, Nov 15 2019 4:35 AM by TopShelf2010. 36 replies.
  • courteneyfish Isle of Man
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    Wed, Apr 17 2013 7:51 AM

     I agree.  Been playing almost 4 years now.  No consistancy at all.  An what the hell is up with chipping?  

    You've been playing for four years and  you have a sand stat of 17% and a scrambling stat of 24%, I don't think you should blame the wedges or the game..

  • goldeena Thailand
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    Wed, Apr 17 2013 8:05 AM

    I am in 2 minds with regards VEM, (or VEnoM, or VErMin as I used to refer to it when I was angry :-)


    1 - If it didn't exist then those who are attentive would have the game so nailed down that it would be just like going through the motions on an old Atari game - get the physics right and take good notes and you are guaranteed to come up within a yard on every single approach shot. Great - but what's the point in that, it's more or less game over when you can do that.


    2 - The game is not doing what I am telling it to do so I might as well not be playing at all - what's the point honing your skills when those will be taken out of your hands to some extent, every shot taken feels like you're also flipping a coin with the VEM and when you know it's just lost a birdie/ made you a bogey you just want to throw your computer through the nearest window or just give up the game declaring it stupid and not worthwhile (like I did).


    I am sure there have been many many suggestions proposed, I asked them to turn it down a bit - perhaps they could weight the VEM such that user inputs that result in an approach shot within a foot of the hole are unaffected, 2 foot = 10% VEM, 3 foot = 25% VEM.....e.t..c.....


    But at the end of the day it comes down to this: 'can I accept the general picture, the ups and the downs of VEM and get on with it knowing that everyone faces the same challenge and if I am improving my game it will still be evident even in light of the shot losses imposed?


    I am as yet undecided, though I feel a lot cooler towards it on my return to the game - after 5 months away from the turbulent cauldron it had created within my mind.

    1 things for sure - playing 2 or 3 games per day instead of the 7 to 8 will probably avert that 'obsession' that starts creeping in, and using 10 credit balls will be a lot less anger inducing than losing an expensive 250 credit Nike - balls are a big nonsense anyway, they really don't do as much as people think - gimmicks that can actually distort your game and leave you wholly confused  - A high spin club (cleverlands and burners) should be enough with a ball with 1 or 2 dots of spin.


    Just keep cool and take a break when you feel a volcano rising inside.


    (and I do believe the meter has been performing almost stutter-free on my return -anyone??

  • Boomerboy44 United States
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    Wed, Apr 17 2013 8:19 AM

    What does it cost to get in the NO VEM CLUB??????   ;-))






  • JPGPRO United States
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    Fri, Apr 19 2013 11:54 AM

    I know I suck but when I hit it right and it it goes like I chunked it, thats because of my sand stats?

  • courteneyfish Isle of Man
    15,796 Posts
    Fri, Apr 19 2013 12:11 PM

    Your best bet would be to buy 3 equally spaced wedges and drop the hybrid. They only cost 110 credits each and they will make the game a lot easier. A 10 cent ball would help too, the one with a dot of spin. I'd gift them to you but I'm a bit short of funds right now. You can earn credits by watching videos and doing surveys and offers. Good luck.

  • pdxdriver United Kingdom
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    Fri, Apr 19 2013 12:24 PM

    Night night

  • Braidan1218 Canada
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    Fri, Apr 19 2013 12:44 PM

    But if his stats were good then he wouldn't be complaining about VEM, maybe VEM is responsible for his poor stats.

    Stats are like a bikini, they  reveal a lot but what they cover up is interesting as well.



     I agree.  Been playing almost 4 years now.  No consistancy at all.  An what the hell is up with chipping?  

    You've been playing for four years and  you have a sand stat of 17% and a scrambling stat of 24%, I don't think you should blame the wedges or the game..


  • bypass07 Canada
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    Fri, Apr 19 2013 1:14 PM

    you just joined in january and you are at pro tier already !! good job. now you must realize how close this game is to real life. we have good days and bad ones as well - just like real life. look at the pros they are the same way. i recently had to take 3 weeks off not by my own choice - but it was like learning to golf all over again. the worst thing was getting the timing back in order to come close to the dinger, but it's starting to come back. i still hit shots where i hit the ding and thought i had made all the right adjustments and not get the result i was hoping for. sometimes i have missed the planned shot but had a result better than intended. but i learned (i hope) from those errors. some of those errors showed me other ways to approach a hole and some showed me ways not to play a hole. it's a giant learning curve !!


  • paoanthony United States
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    Fri, Apr 19 2013 1:39 PM

    I agree with your comments completely. the same wind and hitting a perfect shot with the same exact club will produce different shots over and over again. And anyone that thinks equipment makes that much of a difference isn't a good golfer lol. you hit the sweet spot, it doesn't realy matter what clubs or balls you are using, you will get a good result, duh.Tiger Woods used an old titleist driver that was outdated for years, how did he do with that? Arnold palmer, Jack and all those old timers used clubs that would be considered junk nowdays, they seemed to do ok, because they struck the ball well. Kind of kills your you need good equipment to play good golf argument right out ofthe water i would say.The problem is the game is desiged to frustrate you no matter how well you strike the ball, so you spend money lol, which is total crap. They advertise play this game for free, but you can only play a limited version that is designed to frustrate you so you spend money lol, which is again crap. They get paid for advertising already, so they shoud be smart and let you work and play the game to get better equipment, which would attract more players, which would make the advertising more profitable, again, duh.You should get slightly better equipment wth eachhifher rank, period. Alot of people will give up this game before they get started, which in turn costs WGT money, be smart, make th game actually free, you will draw 5 times as many players, which in turn will boost your profits, jus a thought.