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Re: Master to Disaster

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Sat, Aug 10 2019 7:47 AM by alosso. 3 replies.
  • davideen United Kingdom
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    Fri, Aug 9 2019 10:35 AM

    Turned Master last week and have been playing the usual rounds of Alternate shot/Blitz and Closest to the hole games. Handicap was 66 this morning and having played St Andrews 9 hole challenge is now 76. I scored + 1 over the 9 holes and was surprised at the hefty drop - is this usual? 

    Im aware that I have to upgrade my clubs to carry on but until I do has anyone else had this issue?


    Thanks in advance

  • CEverett12 United States
    13,491 Posts
    Fri, Aug 9 2019 12:35 PM

    Yes sir, that is normal for you average to go up . Don't worry about it too much , It will come back down as you play

  • K7JBQ United States
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    Fri, Aug 9 2019 4:33 PM
    Yep, completely normal, and we've all been through it. First, the average resets when you tier up. The score you shot on the round you tiered up establishes your first average, and it will seesaw from that point until you reach saturation, which as a Master is not that many rounds. Second, alt shot, blitzes and CTTH games do not count toward your average. Third, one over for nine at St Andrews is 37, which equates to an 18 hole score of 74, so your average is right where it should be.
  • alosso Germany
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    Sat, Aug 10 2019 7:47 AM


    Your post is a good example NOT to name +-Par scores when talking about average:

    The game in question wasn't "+1" but 38 over nine holes.Times 2 concerning average calc, and 76 is correct number, after one Master game.

    Have fun!