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Re: Tiered up - why did average go up?

Thu, Aug 8 2019 4:26 AM by Dougie4042. 18 replies.
  • TopShelf2010 United States
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    Sat, Aug 3 2019 4:45 PM


  • DodgyPutter United Kingdom
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    Sun, Aug 4 2019 3:02 AM

    Thank you for your help on this. Much appreciated. I really do enjoy this game. We’re all in direct competition with ourselves so keeping track of scoring/progress/improvement is important. Want it right. 

    I really can't say what happened with the bug but reading the linked thread I can't see wgt changing anything now.  Firstly it'd be a lot of work and also some would be really upset at being demoted.

    So forgetting how you got here I checked your recent average changes and scores to get an idea of where you are now and this is what I noted.

    I started after your 69 at KI when your aveage was 69.16.  If we assume there were 19 rounds included in that average then there were 1314.04 strokes.  

    You then took 214 strokes for three rounds (80,68 +66) and your average was 69.45.

    That would be (1314.04 + 214) 1,528.04 / 22 = 69.456

    Finally after a 72 your current average is 69.57.

    1,528.04 + 72 = 1,600.04 / 23 = 69.567.

    Although this is slightly out at 69.456 that's probably as your average is only given to two decimal places, I reckon you have played 23 ranked rounds at your current tier (as of the 36/72 at St A's on the 4th).

    Just as an example if the 69.16 included 10 rounds that's 691.6 strokes add the 214 = 905.6 / 13 = 69.66 .  Which is a fairly long way out from the 69.45 it actually was (30 rounds would give an average a fair bit too low).

    Looking at your score history I don't really see where that many rounds come from but that's how it seems to work out, unless I've done something wrong :-/

  • alosso Germany
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    Sun, Aug 4 2019 10:35 AM

    ‘Look at your score history: Unexpectedly, the HTH counted as a single digit stroke play round. That would significantly drop your average and probably raised you to the next tier.’

    Before my tier change my lowest ave was 63.38, just shy of TM progression. Are you saying the HTH round I played had a more than .38 ave difference?

    By the rules, no HTH would impact the average. But, that scoring bug counted them as 3 stroke strokeplay, and one of these would have a big impact on the average, dropping a 63.4 Master average by approx. (63.4-6)/40 = -1.4, to 62.0. Boom, you are TM!

    Either way it moved me to TM however, as we speak, my ave is 69.7? 
    You have been informed above that the average resets after a promotion.
    Thus your TM scores form the new average.

  • boris332 United States
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    Sun, Aug 4 2019 3:11 PM

    Got it. Thanks to everyone for jumping in. Appreciated the work to explain what happened. So for now I’ll enjoy my TM status and go to work on the all to elusive lower score.

    Enjoy rest of your weekends! 

  • boris332 United States
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    Mon, Aug 5 2019 5:15 AM


    Just asked a simple question on what happened with glitch. Didn’t need your sarcasm...sir.

    Don’t like my name much either, can’t change now. 

  • alanti Australia
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    Mon, Aug 5 2019 6:04 PM

    Don’t like my name much either, can’t change now. 

    I quite like the name Boris.....that was the name of an old dog......or was that the ex-wife???? eastern know the drill....fading memories (or memory suppression)....

    In terms of the promotion......just enjoy the journey - and there is no race to lower the "average" nor attain a certain tier (although, personally the game actually was a lot more fun hitting off legend tees), just card the rounds, good and bad, and at some point you will ask the question to yourself, just like all kids ask on a road trip....."are we there yet?'

    Of course.....this is WGT......we never actually get there...there is no destination, just a perpetual journey.......

    Blue skies and tailwinds

  • nanstar Australia
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    Wed, Aug 7 2019 4:47 AM


    Now see, this is where you gotta have some fun.  During your very first round after you've tier up, turn around and hit every ball Oscar Bravo (out-of-bounds).  Your average will start out at 180.

    You're welcome!

    How would this help or are you trying to make a point?

    @ D4042

    And the answer is, good sir..?

    golf fall GIF

  • boris332 United States
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    Wed, Aug 7 2019 3:18 PM

    How awesome...that’s my swing exactly! 

  • Dougie4042 United States
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    Thu, Aug 8 2019 4:26 AM

    Just asked a simple question on what happened with glitch. Didn’t need your sarcasm...sir.  Don’t like my name much either, can’t change now. 

    You and me both, brother.  All good.

    And sarcasm is indeed my middle name!  ;-)


    @ D4042

    And the answer is, good sir..?

    golf fall GIF

    Nanstar, good to hear from you, brother!  And I guarantee you this kid is a better real life golfer than I am.  Guarantee it!