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Re: Free Credit Surveys

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Mon, Jun 10 2013 7:40 PM by forcefan. 6 replies.
  • JackIsNo1 United Kingdom
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    Sat, Jun 8 2013 3:03 PM


    Im new here so idk if this is the right place.


    So basically ive played for a little while done some free surveys. ive noticed them because when i load the game and it says you have 2 surveys and 180 credits. I click the link and normally it would put me on a screen where i get to click them. This no longer happens and im wondering how it can be fixed so i can continue to get free credits.

    Any help id appreciate 



    EDIT: It also dosnt let me open a few surveys gives me a error message 0

  • forcefan United States
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    Sat, Jun 8 2013 9:11 PM

    I've had much success with surveys since I joined almost a year ago.

    Today, I'm experiencing what I believe is the same error as the OP. It's communicated on the pop-up screen right on the WGT Take Surveys page.

    I click on a survey, answer the simple question, such as, "How many quarters are there in $1.00?". I answer the same question a second time, as is the way every survey is designed. Then the error message pops. It reads as follows:


    Oops! Something went wrong when we tried to taking you to our partner’s website. Error Code: 0

    This error has occurred at least a dozen times today. I've tried to take surveys using three different browsers, all with the same results. 

    Right before this error issue began, I completed a survey and was not credited, as happens once or twice each month. I reported the thievery under My Transactions.

    Then the error issue began...

    Anyone else experiencing this issue?

  • courteneyfish Isle of Man
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    Sat, Jun 8 2013 10:39 PM

    There does seem to be a problem in the last few days with surveys and vids. Perhaps WGT could look into this.

  • forcefan United States
    279 Posts
    Sun, Jun 9 2013 5:46 PM

    Appreciate the confirmation, Courteney. I was ready to run MalwareBytes ahead of my weekly schedule, thinking I may have caught a nasty.

  • JackIsNo1 United Kingdom
    4 Posts
    Sun, Jun 9 2013 8:55 PM

    Is there something to do with having 2 accounts? i created an account ages ago but forgot the password. Will the fact ive had that account going and this current one. as my brother was wanting to play it so i went looking for the password. i showed him how to get free credits. they worked on the other account but on this one they stopped working?


    Is it possible to delete the other account so that it will fix this problem? Or will it be a problem with using the same pc?

  • forcefan United States
    279 Posts
    Mon, Jun 10 2013 7:40 PM


    Just to be sure you are aware, some of them don't come through right away on credits.  I'm sure you've notified Icon of the error issue as well. 

    I haven't noticed any error on my end. In fact the last few weeks, today included have been very fruitful indeed.

    Funny how that works. I've been very successful with surveys since I joined WGT. Without those surveys I'd still be at Tour Master, playing the L59 G20 club set and the 10 credit/sleeve balls.

    From my perspective, it's not worth contacting WGT customer service. They are apparently a couple bodies short of a decently-staffed department. As a long-time benefits rep, CSR, and supervisor, I commiserate with CS employees working for companies that don't take customer service seriously. Makes a difficult job impossible.

    The good news is the error 0 issue seems to have resolved itself. I updated Firefox & Comodo Dragon this morning. Don't know if or why that may have had an effect. If some debugging happened on the back end, I thank those responsible.

    Crossing fingers & knocking wood...