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How to Stream WGT on Twitch

Streaming » How-to

WGT Players can stream their desktop games online, using video and audio to share single or multi-player games to reach millions of other players around the world, all free using WGT, OBS and Twitch. Here's how to get started...

STEP 1 – Set-Up Twitch

  • WGT recommends Twitch for streaming, the largest and fastest-growing streaming site
  • Sign up for a free account on Twitch at
  • Choose a Twitch username (ideally the same as your WGT username, if available)
  • Click your username in the upper right (or the small person icon in the bottom left)
  • Select "Dashboard" to open your settings
  • Click the "Stream Key" tab, then "Show Key" to display and copy your stream code

STEP 2 – Set-Up OBS

  • WGT recommends using OBS (Open Broadcast Software) for streaming WGT to Twitch
  • Download free at, by choosing Windows or macOS based on your computer
  • Open "Settings" by clicking the Settings button in the bottom right, or selecting from the top toolbar
    • Encoding: make sure that both boxes "Use CBR" and "Enable CBR Padding" are checked
    • Broadcast Settings:
      • Mode = Live Stream
      • Streaming Service = Twitch
      • FMS URL = [closest location]
      • Play Path/Stream Key = [enter Twitch stream code from above]
      • Auto-Reconnect = [check box] // Auto-Reconnect Timeout = 10
      • Delay (seconds) = 0
    • Video Settings:
      • Base Resolution = Monitor
      • Resolution Downscale = 1.25 (1280x720)
      • FPS (Frames Per Second) = 30
    • Audio Settings:
      • Microphone (optional to add commentary) = [select your available microphone/headset]
      • Save and close Settings

STEP 3 – Streaming WGT

  • Computer: Close all windows or programs that are not linked to WGT or OBS
  • WGT: sign in at or in the desktop app and select a game to play
  • Twitch: sign in at and go to your Dashboard page to view your channel
  • OBS: Open OBS, right click in the white box under "Scenes" and choose "Add Scene" to name your stream
    • Right click in the white box under "Sources," select Add "Window Capture" (and give it a name)
    • This opens a pop-up, choose the "World Golf Tour" window from the drop down and click OK
    • Click "Start Preview" and if it looks good, "Stop Preview" and "Start Streaming" to go live on Twitch!
    • If your window looks smaller than the Twitch screen size, just right-click on the image in OBS and select "Position/Size" > "Fit to screen"
  • WGT: start playing, and if you have audio set up then you can add your commentary now
  • Twitch: View your stream on your Twitch channel, or close that window to increase CPU performance

Optimizing Your WGT Game Play and Video Stream

Playing and streaming any game requires extra processing power from your computer. With WGT you'll want a smooth swing meter for optimal gameplay, PLUS a high-quality video stream for other players to watch. To do that, you'll need the following setup...

Computer Memory: 8 gigabytes or more recommended
Network Upload Speed: 3 megabits or more recommended

Checking your Network Upload Speed

  • Go to
  • Select the server that is geographically closest to your location
  • Click Begin Test and wait for the network "Upload Speed" test to finish and display speed in megabits
  • Your network Upload Speed determines the max bitrate you should use to stream...
    Your Upload SpeedMaximum Recommended Bitrate
    1-2 Mbps500-1,500 bitrate
    3-4 Mbps1,500-2,500 bitrate
    5+ Mbps2,500-3,500 bitrate
  • To change your Max Bitrate in OBS, open OBS "Settings" > "Encoding" > "Max Bitrate (kb/s)" and enter the suggested bitrate (Max Bitrate and Buffer Size should be the same value)
  • Click OK to save and close Settings

Audio Tips

  • To stream audio with your WGT game broadcast, just be sure to set-up your computer's microphone
  • In multi-player game broadcasts, you can stream audio from both players by setting up a Skype audio call with the player that is streaming, and it will capture audio from both players

Chat Tips

  • Twitch chat comments are seen by everyone, and spectators can comment, but players need to keep Twitch open which could impact the stream especially if a slow upload speed
  • WGT chat comments are seen by everyone, but spectators can't comment
  • Skype chat comments are only seen by players in that conversation

OBS Tips

  • To configure OBS for your specific hardware and network, use the auto-configuration wizard in OBS Studio.
  • If you are experiencing streaming issues, go to OBS Help/Log Files/Analyze Last Log File for more info