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MAX Slow Meter Balls (Hack+)

MAX Slow Meter Ball (Hack+)
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3 Pack of MAX Slow Meter Balls

MAX offers maximum performance in one key area. These new MAX Slow Meter Balls offer good overall distance and spin, but with the maximum amount of Feel, which slows down the WGT Swing Meter and makes all your clubs easier to hit.

Player Reviews

Sunday, 07 Jan 2018
Love this ball, it goes about the same distance as the nike balls because there's no spin and don't let that fool you because mine stop for me good enough, this ball is about the meter and dinging it consistently which lowers your scoring average the only real negative is durability of this ball!!!!
Tuesday, 08 Mar 2016
Great ball! help me a lot. the only negative it has no spin an you only get 3 balls! Goodluck..
Friday, 29 Jan 2016
If you are over 70 years old believe me this is the ball for you. You will enjoy the game again. Worth the price for a better round.
Saturday, 22 Aug 2015
hitting it on the ding nearly every shot I take and this has improved my game so much,im more compedative and enjoy playing a lot more..
Wednesday, 01 Apr 2015
What can I say. I'm a miser for sure. However, I purchase credits just to buy this ball. Worth it and has improved my game tremendously.