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Titleist Pro V1x Super Vapor Balls (L89+)

Titleist Pro V1x Super Vapor Ball (L89+)
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3 Pack of Titleist Pro V1x Super Vapor Balls

Get all the benefits of the premium Titleist Pro V1x Vapor Balls, plus an enhanced super vapor trail for even better visibility on your shots.

Player Reviews

Wednesday, 10 Jun 2020
For me , this ball stands out...Its a little pricy. but its worth it. You will get the big game experience with this. Distances with control and it putts great.
Thursday, 13 Dec 2018
Super ball of all time!!!
Tuesday, 16 Oct 2018
this ball is worth every is by far a game changer...stop it on a dime...back it in to the hole...whatever you want to do with will everyone who can make it dance I suggest ''buy it and see''..but you will kringe when you lose one...but you will replace it i'm sure!!!!
Tuesday, 08 May 2018
Incredible balls.Changed the whole game for different feel and full control in meter and shots.Especially those Wood shots for Eagle.first try with these i end up 54 on Chambers Bay Open.
Sunday, 06 May 2018
Tried these for the first time and my ding % went sky high. The slower 4.5 meter helped me a lot as I'm a bit older with sloth-like reactions. lol Seriously is a very high-quality ball with tons of spin for also stopping long irons close. Great stopping power on long shots too.