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Pro Shop » TaylorMade Balls » 3 Pack of TaylorMade TP5x Balls (L81+)

TaylorMade TP5x Balls (L81+)

TaylorMade TP5x Ball (L81+)
Avg Distance
Shot Shaping
Meter Speed


3 Pack of TaylorMade TP5x Balls

Get excellent distance, increased spin, feel and a slower swing meter with the TP5x from TaylorMade for high-level players.

Player Reviews

Friday, 25 Jan 2019

Way cheaper and just as good or better as much higher priced balls. I needed a slower meter than 3.5, so instead bought the 4.4 meter clubs. Cheaper in the long run and now have same meter as 4.0 ball would have with my previous 4.0 clubs. Plays great right out of the bag.
Monday, 10 Dec 2018

I've never played with the 900 or 1000 credit balls but for the distance and control at a reasonable price, I enjoy these.
Tuesday, 22 May 2018

A ripper ball at a reasonable price.
Sunday, 20 May 2018

The TaylorMade L81 TP5x matches my style of play with minor adjustments on spin and power. really enjoying playing these new balls. have fun! keep it in the short grass!
Sunday, 29 Apr 2018

I think this is a very balanced ball, If you want the 3.5 Meter speed. It does everything well, Before I was using the Nike71. The Taylormade has similar Ways, And It putts very well with slower meter for relaxed playing :--)))