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WGT XP Boost Plus

WGT XP Boost Plus
Provides 10% increased XP to reach the next WGT Level more quickly

XP Boost Plus

Earn experience points (XP) faster so you can level-up more quickly and unlock new equipment upgrades. Provides a 10% increase. Available in 1 hour, 2 hour, 4 hour, 12 hour, 1 day, 3 day, 7 day, and 15 day durations. Takes effect immediately upon purchase and are based on real-time.

Player Reviews

Friday, 28 Nov 2014
I love this flavor. I think it's cherry. Great for my CCXP, if you know what i
Wednesday, 12 Feb 2014
i have purchased every 'flavor' of these drinks to boost and give extra points and i'm a true believer that it works without question. it does cost a fair amount of credits, persistence will payoff. all my purchases have been the 15 day duration and it has helped to finish no matter what.
Wednesday, 18 Dec 2013
I am a new legend in the 90+ levels. I get a 15 day boost, well, every 15 days. It makes a difference in xp points that I really need to get to the better clubs. And its quite yummy!!!
Saturday, 28 Jan 2012
I started with 30%, it works out for every 18 holes, i get 300xp. 3 18holes gives me one free 18/900xp. My goal was to get moderate distance clubs, spider putters 800C. In 4 wks I dropped 12 shots, I have 30,000xp/ (level 44), I have spent 960c,($10)And think the juice helped me a lot, at low cosT
Saturday, 03 Dec 2011
you have to be good man. it works great