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WGT Shot Pal

WGT Shot Pal
Fine tune your swing power

Shot Pal

Fine tune your swing power with the new WGT Shot Pal. Modeled after the popular Putter Pal, the new Shot Pal displays a ruler below the swing meter on all shots other than your putts. The handy ruler increments help you select the best power for each shot. Shot Pal is available for 20, 200, 1,000, or 2,000 shots, and Shot Pal does not work with Putters or WGT EZ Swing clubs.

Player Reviews

Saturday, 30 Dec 2017
Tuesday, 24 Jan 2017
Its very useful if your club isnt yet at level 4. I just changed clubs and found to be without, Its well worth the credits.
Monday, 08 Feb 2016
Tuesday, 17 Nov 2015
This is the best. I'd recommend you level up your Country Club to level 4 (or join one above). Then you don't have to pay for it. Remember that it splits your meter into 10% increments. Makes distance precision so much easier.
Friday, 24 Jul 2015
Great product really useful in the game. I would highly recommend. It takes the guess work out of the game. Cheaper to just make a paper one and stick it to your computer.