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À propos de St Andrews Links

Aperçu du St Andrews

Appropriately, the designer of the Old Course is said to be Mother Nature herself. Who else could have provided so many idiosyncrasies, so many changes of perspective, and so many memorable details? But it is the hand of man that has transformed a rugged wilderness into one of sport's most famous arenas. All other golf courses are descended from the Old Course, but none can ever truly be compared to it.

Statistiques St Andrews

White 6,721 yards
Yellow 6,387 yards
Red 6,032 yards

Événements St Andrews

St Andrews Links is the venue for competitions ranging from The Open Championship, the most prestigious title in world golf, first played at St Andrews Links in 1873 and now held at The Old Course every 5 years (no other course has this arrangement) to the Alfred Dunhill Links Championship, the richest pro-am prize in Europe, through to The St Andrews Links Trophy in association with Allianz, Europe's top amateur strokeplay tournament.

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