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Green inclination

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Tue, Oct 28 2008 1:53 PM by mmohammed. 2 replies.
  • espgolfer Spain
    2 Posts
    Sun, Oct 12 2008 8:03 AM

    I would like to have something to show better the green inclination, like in the game of golf of the Wii Sports, where if you press a button it shows the most and the least inclinated parts, ones in dark green and other in light green.

    And in this game there is also other thing that for it, like if there is camera right on the ground, and you can see very good the green inclination (this is like if the player is lied down in the ground)

    If we can only have one of these two things I prefer the second

  • Robbob88 United States
    2 Posts
    Mon, Oct 13 2008 9:03 AM

     I agree. With the second suggestion. The putting system does need some work. Good thing this is Beta :)

  • mmohammed United States
    3 Posts
    Tue, Oct 28 2008 1:53 PM

    I also agree with the second suggestion.