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Mobile phone resolution

Fri, Jul 17 2020 6:17 PM by MattMaher35. 5 replies.
  • MattMaher35 United States
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    Tue, Jul 14 2020 5:53 PM

    For those of you who play on a phone like me, you know what phone being used makes a drastic difference in gameplay based on the resolution. When I used an iPhone 8 with the lv92 Tm balls, on a full power swing, I could not ding my driver or irons. It simply wasn’t possible except for weird one off hits when the meter jumped in a weird way. So I played for misses with those clubs. I didn’t know any different so I got pretty use to it and played like this for a couple years. The only club I could easily ding was my 3 wood.

    When I upgraded to an iPhone11 pro max in October(which has better resolution than the 8 due to the screen size difference) suddenly I could easily ding my driver and irons, but couldn’t ding my 3 wood. I’ll take that trade all day though, and it made playing the game far more enjoyable.

    Fast forward to today, and I had to get a replacement iPhone 11 pro max due to my screen getting badly cracked. While it’s the exact same phone, suddenly I can’t ding my driver and irons again, and I can ding my 3 wood. I had to download the most recent Apple iOS before restoring the phone through the icloud, but I’m almost positive I had already done that upgrade on my old phone and it hadn’t made a difference. 

    To say that I’m frustrated doesn’t even do it justice. Not being able to ding those clubs was fine when I didn’t know any better, but now that I know what it’s like to have the game perform properly I can’t go back now. Did the last WGT update tinker with the app resolution for certain phones? And if so, can we switch it back? Or is there a way to allow mobile users to change the app resolution on their own so this will never be a problem again?

  • Skylab02 United Kingdom
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    Thu, Jul 16 2020 7:50 AM

    You mention the meter jumping, I play on an Android tablet and have noticed this happening quite often since the last update. Very distracting.

  • MattMaher35 United States
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    Fri, Jul 17 2020 6:17 PM

    Not a meter jumping issue for me. For me, it’s the resolution of the screen size dictating how large the meter is, and then whether it’s possible to hit the ding on the meter or not depending on whatever size you’re using. For some reason when I got my replacement phone(same exact phone as before) and redone loaded the app, something has changed with the resolution and now I can’t ding my driver, irons and wedges on full power swings. Has nothing to do with the meter jumping, it’s just not possible. It’s costing me 1-2 strokes a round at least playing for specific misses, and it’s taking the enjoyment out of the game for me.


    A lot of the pc players playing the new version experienced similar difficulties with the ding, but they’re able to adjust the resolution of their monitors which helps the issue. You can’t adjust the resolution of your phone screen. 

  • kingiling United States
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    Fri, Jul 17 2020 6:42 PM

    I can't explain why the two phones of the exact same model act differently, but I have definitely had the same experience with an iPhone 7.  Any chance you changed meter speeds on balls?  With a 3.0 meter speed ball, I hit the ding with my driver pretty frequently on a 100% swing, but never with my irons.  With a 2.5 meter speed or a 3.5 meter speed ball, I can never hit the ding on my driver, but I can always hit just left the ding.  And with those 2.5/3.5 balls I do often hit the ding on my irons.  At your level and average, obviously you know what you are doing, but maybe a different meter speed ball will fix it on your replacement phone.  Good luck.

  • TheSpark4 United Kingdom
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    Sat, Jul 18 2020 1:02 AM

    No idea how to help unfortunately. Do agree tho that device and/or resolution seemingly makes a difference, which it really shouldn’t ideally. Guess could all be down to meter speeds/ball combo’s but does all seem pretty odd.....
    For context I play off-ding to offset winds largely, especially with irons. Can ding irons pretty regularly when needed tho, at least if playing well/on-song!......Harder with the 3w but presumably that’s just the faster meter. 

    As for the driver however, not a chance! Is nigh-on impossible to ding and would estimate hit it literally once or twice in 100 drives.
    Isn’t terribly critical with the driver, especially if apply little/no b/s, but can be frustrating. Seems to miss by the tiniest of margins usually, like a cigarette paper’s worth, and on either side o’ the ding line. But far more marginal than missed dings with irons tend to be anyway.

    Have watched a good few rounds of the best players on EA and is certainly a stark contrast on how regularly they ding the driver for sure.

    What’s then even weirder is there are a small no of holes where I’ll ding the driver regularly, say 50%+ (as opposed to 1-2 times out of 100). Always the same holes too - St Andies #1, Merion #10, Chambers #12, Oaky uphill one where you take a little off to avoid ditch/running outta fairway etc.....really weird and would be interested if any other mob players find same?! Seems no logical reason why drives on a few, certain holes should play like that 😳

    Sorry for not really helping OP, can sympathise with your frustrations tho and hope get it sorted. 

  • kingiling United States
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    Sat, Jul 18 2020 4:31 AM

    I'm with you that I never hit the ding on my driver with a 2.5/3.5 meter speed ball, but that's at full power.  Take a little power off to 85 - 95% on my swing with that club, ding is pretty regular.  Like you said, I just live with it on my driver and have actually come to appreciate it because it is really easy to slight off ding either side by a slim margin and that helps with wind.  Like you said, no help to the OP but a little sympathy.