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Survey window on ipad

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Fri, May 22 2020 3:56 PM by mik11235. 2 replies.
  • HHawker Netherlands
    5 Posts
    Mon, May 18 2020 12:18 AM

    Hi. Is anyone having a problem when opening the survey window on an Ipad.

    I go to surveys and select. 

    A variety of available surveys comes up as usual. So for example I select 10 minute survey worth 72 credits. 

    Then when the survey selected loads it is only in a half window and depending how long the question is, I am sometimes not able to submit and answer. Very frustrating if your 90% through it.

    Any feed back appreciated.

  • Cicero733 United States
    408 Posts
    Mon, May 18 2020 8:21 AM

    Yes I have had the same problem for several weeks and I have reported it to customer support. I have also received a 5 day suspension from a Peanut Labs for submitting “an invalid survey”. The 5 day suspension is now in its 7th day. I am advised that this along with the truncated survey screen are “glitches” unique to the iPad and are being addressed.

  • mik11235 United Kingdom
    29 Posts
    Fri, May 22 2020 3:56 PM


      I earned a lot of credits last winter when I took a break from the game and reached a 140 quality rating. Since then things went to pot and I ended up with a warning and a rating  of 89 which makes it impossible to get any surveys. There is no leeway. 1 accidental click and they think you are a bot or an idiot.

    Surveys kept buffering and buffering then they penalise you for opening too many and you also get the same constant repetitive requests for your personal data. I appealed but no joy so I told them to stick it. 

    Might go back next winter with a clean slate. Its not a bad way to earn credits and if you get a good score there are some really interesting ones.