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Bobs WGT Early Access Country Club looking for new members

Fri, May 29 2020 4:47 AM by Robbob1970. 2 replies.
  • Robbob1970 Australia
    69 Posts
    Fri, May 15 2020 9:18 PM

    G'day all. My name is Bob and I am now the proud owner of the first dedicated country club to WGT Early Access players. And I am now looking for active players of any level to join, grow and develop this club into one of WGT's finest.

    As Early Access players we have the best of both worlds available to us. Yet to date we have not taken advantage of this. I hope to change that. As a club going forward we will;


    • Love our Clashes but not be a clash club. The pursuit of clash glory is a toxic pursuit. The time, cost and effort required is not worth the reward. My aim is to be a top 50 contender only because we get our custom course passes.
    • Love our Coin Rooms but not be a turf war club. Coins rooms are great fun but again the time, cost and effort required for turf war glory is not worth the reward.
    • Love our Tournament Play. To me, Tournament play is the greatest test of ones ability. Without apparel it creates a level playing field for all to participate in.
    • Love our Intra-club Competitions. Challenging ourselves in Brackets, Ryder Cup, Presidential Cup, Fed-Ex and League style formats builds a strong community ensuring we constantly look at improving our own game.


    As prospective members all I ask for and in this order is;


    1. You are a Early Access player so we can use all the features available to us as a club.
    2. Family and life first. This is,at the end of the day, only a game. I do not expect a virtual club to come before family and life.
    3. Love the game. It is a stupid game but....
    4. An active club player. Ideally playing one round every day and participating in club events.
    5. Self funded. Many clubs require funds and gifting to keep them operational. We will not. Although the generous contributions of members will not go astray, it will be expected that members fund their own playing needs.
    6. Be active on Discord. You will be expected to join our community on the Discord app. It will be our primary communication tool.
    7. Help develop your fellow members game. We will be open to all players of all levels and it will be expected of higher tiered players to help develop the skill set of those new to the game. 
    8. No politics, no religion, no drama allowed. 


    Initially, I will control the club operations until member numbers build up. I will then hand over control to the club directors whom will be elected from the membership base for fixed 1 year terms. I might be the "Owner" but I want this to be your club.

    So enough from me. Lets get this party started and please friend and contact me and get this club moving forward into the future.

  • OttoPylot United States
    107 Posts
    Sun, May 17 2020 11:32 AM

    Sent a friend request. I play every day and give 100%. Im a level 74 Master and climbing. Luv the turf wars and clash and I am a new version WGT pc player only. Dont care for the old pc version or trying to play on a phone.


  • Robbob1970 Australia
    69 Posts
    Fri, May 29 2020 4:47 AM

    Fresh from moving house, time to get active again