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True Multiplayer on Mobile Devices Needed!!

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Sun, Apr 12 2020 10:29 AM by fobby1980. 4 replies.
  • RichEi61 United States
    2 Posts
    Wed, Apr 8 2020 10:35 AM

    Hello all. I have seen the group about playing with a threesome or foursome through the web browser version only. You would think, please add this, that that option would be a simple and hugely popular addition to the mobile app. I know you can do true multiple players with TopGolf mode, but we need to get out on the course together. Especially these days!

    Please, add a true multiplayer mode so we can play with two or three of our friends at a time. Just makes sense.



  • Gham92 Ireland
    9 Posts
    Thu, Apr 9 2020 11:55 AM

    I absolutely agree, mobile needs a multiplayer ranked/practice round stoke play format to play with others like they have on PC

    also normal matchplay would be nice to play for credits or just fun

    Coin games are fun from time to time don't get me wrong but if thats all mobile has to offer in terms of multiplayer then that is just disappointing to many players

  • fobby1980 United States
    283 Posts
    Fri, Apr 10 2020 8:00 PM

    Match play, alt shot etc... will be added to mobile later, confirmed by WGTCHAMPION, but it’s not the top priority right now. 

  • handyman130 Australia
    4 Posts
    Sat, Apr 11 2020 12:25 AM

    I started on the mobile version and did not discover pc version till the other day and have been alternating between both i find the short game easier on mobile as far as chipping or putting.

    And the pc flash version seems more robotic and the graphics are sub standard but both versions have their pros and cons and it is good you can still play wgt  if you are in or out

  • fobby1980 United States
    283 Posts
    Sun, Apr 12 2020 10:29 AM


    And the pc flash version seems more robotic and the graphics are sub standard...

    Oh boy you are so wrong there. Just for an example, play Wolf Creek (any water holes, more specifically) on Flash, then Mobile, and compare the differences in graphics. On Flash you can see the water rippling and waving about. On Mobile it's just static. And the ambience on Flash is just flat-out better, also.