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Sun, Apr 5 2020 12:50 AM by Philologistic. 2 replies.
  • BroncoRod United States
    388 Posts
    Sat, Apr 4 2020 8:55 PM

    Would like to hear from a WGT person regarding recent play issues on WGT PC.

    I heard that WGT is making putting more difficult, meter speed faster, and connection realiability more difficult, to try and force current PC players to cross over to the mobile version faster.

    Any validity to this?

  • Dave33200 United States
    1,284 Posts
    Sat, Apr 4 2020 9:26 PM

    I still play the flash version also and have not experienced any of what you say. You do not have to cross over to the mobile version, you can download the PCEA version and ply right from your PC. I have found that the PCEA plays very close to the flash version other than the putting.

  • Philologistic United States
    2 Posts
    Sun, Apr 5 2020 12:50 AM

    I mostly play PCEA these days but still jump on web from time to time.  I haven't noticed any changes to putting or meter speed.  Putting has always been difficult (but it doesn't seem any harder than normal) and the meter doesn't feel any different. 

    I have read that gaming companies are seeing record numbers so it's possible that with everyone at home more the servers are under additional stress, so that part seems possible.