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Putting error!!!!

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Mon, Aug 12 2019 3:39 PM by DoctorLarry. 4 replies.
  • Maksa60 Serbia
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    Sun, Aug 11 2019 2:35 PM

    Almost every 3.rd putt my putter put small distance than I select. This is happen with difernt putter (Lanser 2, Starter or Sigma 2. I must use to more put and my reyult is veri bad. I am tier master, but with new softver its difivult repeat good result. I am disappointed. Send email to but not answer. 

    Second problem is calculating weather and yours influence to balls. 

    Third probem is bonus after level and rental clubs. many clubs not possible rental, and other in Pro shop I pay. For my college and friend player Rade1960 is 3 time repetition this problem and not correct..

    Now, average is not good calculate, a two week ago this is catastrofa. 

    problem on tablet and mobile phone is SWING becose fingers is on the touch, whitch is hot. 

    Contol power and angle must be differently decision for mobile and tablets. 

    you must, like real golf, to adecvate smer.

    Generaly, softver must correct bugs, speciali for putting, and hase new control adecvate for monile users like me.




  • TopShelf2010 United States
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    Mon, Aug 12 2019 9:40 AM


  • Tigerpaw509 United States
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    Mon, Aug 12 2019 1:25 PM

    I have sent 5 emails in 5 weeks to Wgt and they refuse to reply.

  • THUNDERTOM United States
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    Mon, Aug 12 2019 3:25 PM

    As soon as you say Better Business Bureau they will respond. LMAO

  • DoctorLarry United States
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    Mon, Aug 12 2019 3:39 PM


    As soon as you say Better Business Bureau they will respond. LMAO

    Nah.  BBB is fairly irrelevant now.  Particularly for anything not small and local.