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Game crash on mobile platform after match

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Mon, May 27 2019 10:41 PM by ZirjoGondar. 1 replies.
  • oakensea Ireland
    6 Posts
    Sun, May 19 2019 3:13 AM

    On several occasions after playing a MP match with sponsor active the game will crash after showing the match experience gained information. Only way to get out of the match is to restart the game and return to your home screen without gaining any apparel from sponsors , as the little box so gleefully expresses "something unexpected happened" . You can say that again...

  • ZirjoGondar United States
    9 Posts
    Mon, May 27 2019 10:41 PM

    I'm having the same issue on Android.  I'm also seeing it after credit reward videos.  It seems to be freezing frequently when you try to launch a video ad.  I'm losing 1 or 2 apparel packs in each 30-minute sponsored period, and it has drastically slowed credit accumulation when watching ads.

    Force stop didn't fix it.  Uninstalling and reinstalling app didn't help, either.