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Wed, Apr 8 2020 10:47 AM by BigDinIC. 309 replies.
  • JDGHOST United States
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    Fri, Apr 26 2019 4:21 AM




    Hello WGT world....I am JD the owner of "The Founder's Club" we are looking to expand our roster with members that love(and sometimes hate) this virtual golfing world!! We offer just about everything... Monthly club championship ....FedEx Handicapped Mini-Tour ..Play with the Pro's fantasy golf for the Majors ....Club vs Club matches...Team League.. President and Ryder Cup play...We have a Discord and Skype group if that's your thing.....Full tourney lobby and non-credit tourneys alike...We would love to have more "CLASH" players as well (always in top 40 or better and lately in top 25)...I do my best to come out of pocket for prizes for events...We are a level 19 club fast approaching level 20 !! We have a great mix of Mobile and PC players Both Men and Women alike....Most of all we have an Outstanding core group of players who are super involved....We have great reviews from all members....The director staff is top shelf and I am a VERY involved owner always willing to help ANY member in anyway I can!! I am fortunate enough to have a great relationship with WGT Customer support and Tech and can help resolve most issues our members may incur...All we want to do is grow and expand an already Great Club!!...TFC has always been about the "member" ...So if you wanna be a part of  something great... Please either post here on this thread or contact me directly on my homepage or simply request membership.....Check us out ...You really won't be disappointed.....Thank you all who took time to read this...JDGHOST    "click link below"     





    Welcome to a club molded with passion, heritage, and traditions of our game. A club that you will help develop into a club for the members. To help make your transition into club life as easy as possible, PLEASE read our club forum. You'll find a "welcome message" and our "club charter". Both will guide you as to how to be a successful, and supportive club member. Feel free to comment, "say hi", or post questions that we can answer. Again, welcome with our thanks for joining us....THE FOUNDERS CLUB


    Also check out our Brand New Website(Just getting it of the ground)






  • GDMcCo United States
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    Mon, Apr 29 2019 10:21 AM

    Awesome and fun club! Come and check us out! TFC - The Only place to Play!

    GDMcCo ( Gregg)

  • CoryC819 United States
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    Mon, Apr 29 2019 5:40 PM

    I am very new but loving the game.  Looking for a club to join that can help me understand the ins and outs of the game a little better.  If you are accepting new players, I'd love to join.  coryc819 is my IGN.

  • MToney5 United States
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    Mon, Apr 29 2019 7:03 PM

    Great bunch of guys most of us play every day always fun ,no DRAMA,lolcome check us out 



    Head Skirt wearer

  • TomWillie0 United States
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    Mon, Apr 29 2019 8:36 PM

    Honestly, a GREAT CLUB! NEVER boring. Something is always going on and we have GREAT members.....TomWillie0

  • Mitch2992 United States
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    Tue, Apr 30 2019 6:57 AM

    What is the name of your club, found a level 3 club under TFC.....also how many members do you have?

  • Bashy18 United States
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    Tue, Apr 30 2019 9:17 AM

    Very interactive club.

    JD loves playing with all new players so join up now!

  • TomWillie0 United States
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    Tue, Apr 30 2019 2:48 PM

    Mitch, Its "The Founders Club.

  • WilliamRNewmanJr United States
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    Tue, Apr 30 2019 8:41 PM


    What is the name of your club, found a level 3 club under TFC.....also how many members do you have?

    Mitch, Look for "The Founder's Club" or Click on our Icon and name!


  • WilliamRNewmanJr United States
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    Tue, Apr 30 2019 8:46 PM


    I have been playing WGT for a VERY LONG TIME! Most of the Long time Players knows who I am!

    I have seen many folks come and go, but we got a SOLID CORE of players that is willing to play a Game or two with you, Tournaments in our Club is outstanding [Second to none in my HUMBLE Opinion!}, Directors are always willing to hear what you have to say and help you on resolving any TECH issues with WGT and PC or Mobile Phone.

    The Founder's Club is a Expanding, growing Club and there is ALWAYS something going on in Club House!

    Please come and see for yourself, Give yourself a Week playing and see what you think!

    Yours in Christ!

    Wm. [Billy] Newman