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Clubs and Tier difficulty

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Mon, Apr 22 2019 2:08 AM by tanneralis. 0 replies.
  • tanneralis Australia
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    Mon, Apr 22 2019 2:08 AM

    I appreciate all the new equipment WGT have added over the last few months but based on reality some of these clubs should have been given better attributes than existing equipment

    The Titleist and Callaway drivers added are far better than any other club but with no increase to distance, precision etc...the Srixon Z star ball is only just below the Pro V1 in quality but it is only a level 13 and Tour Champion tier was added without any setup levels speed should have been made quicker and average wind speed should have increased...e.g. Champion 14 and winds 5-6 kms stronger in ranked rounds otherwise what was the point of making a new top tier....300 credits hardly cuts it