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mini world cup information

Mon, Jan 23 2017 6:58 AM by PAULFINN52. 29 replies.
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    Thu, Feb 25 2016 4:52 AM

    hello  all

    this is all you need to know about the comp

    happy reading

    let me know if i have missed anything

    Here are the detalails of the comp.


    There are four  groups with four teams in each group

    There  are 8 players  in each  team to  with 2 subs.


    there  will be a handicap system involved between tiers if matched to play

    I have sent details of handicaps to all captains,



    each team  in the  group will play each other  once or twice  on three  different   formats on three or six  different assigned  courses all ranked


    Oakmont,Congressional,royal st georges




    each match will be two weeks,


    3 points win.1point draw


    After they have completed the group  format,the top two teams from each group will go forward to the knockout stages.


    In the event of teams on the same points,the team with the  most wins will go through,if level then the team with the least losses will go through if that fails result against each other will go through hopefully we wont need to go that far.

    But if they do,there will be a play-off

    3 players from each team closest to the pin   with the combined closest scores from the 3 players

    Going through.



    Knockout stages

    Winner group 1     v      second group 3

    Winner group 2     v      second group 4

    Winner group 3     v      second group 2

    Winner group 4     v      second group 1



    Quarter finals


    The next three matches will involve nine players with 1 sub

    They are all matchplay with a winner only

    If it goes to sudden death so be it


    Chambers bay


    matchplay, 18 holes


    Semi finals


    Merion golf club


    matchplay 18 holes






    St Andrews


    matchplay 18 holes



    As we get closer I will post a few rules and arranging matches,

    I have a thought about the matches.


    I would like to increase the games so each team plays each other twice,

    It would mean an extra 6 weeks plays but I havnt got anything planned so our team

    Would be up for it,


    These would be the other 3 courses to play


    Pinehurst no 2,Kiawah island,the Olympic lake course




    Let me know your thoughts please,it would make the comp more interesting,


    This is an open forum so please if you have any concerns,you can post on

    Here or send me a message direct,


    the groups








    Round  1

    1st march to 15th march



    18 holes matchplay   ctth      9TH HOLE SECOND SHOT    PAULFINN52 SPONSOR


    Round 2

    16th march to 30th march


    Congressional    2nd hole par 3  liam91 sponsor

    18 holes strokeplay


    Round 3

    31st march to 14th april


    Royal st georges

    18 holes stableford          CTTH   3RD HOLE PAR 3      MKRIZAN86  SPONSOR


    Round 4                                                         

    15th april to 29th april


    Kiawah island          17th hole par 3  bubbsboy sponsor

    18 holes strokeplay


    Round 5

    30th april to 14th may


    Pinehurst no 2      

    18 holes stableford  CTTH PAR 3 HOLE 6 KELSP SPONSOR


    Round 6

    15th may to 29th may


    Olympic lake course         3rd hole par 3  borat74 sponsor

    18 holes matchplay


    Quarter finals


    Chambers bay      1st hole second shot binkybaxter1 sponsor


    matchplay, 18 holes



    Semi finals


    Merion golf club


    matchplay 18 holes       CTTH 2ND SHOT HOLE 5    PIPALA  SPONSOR,3rd hole par 3 radiotad  sponsor






    St Andrews


    matchplay 18 holes  CTTH  HOLES 8 AND 11 PAR 3S  RANGER1988(TEAM LEGEND) SPONSORS





    Matches must be finished by midnight on closing date,any results after will be void (0 points)






    Arranging matches

    Player 1

    If you are the player 1 it is up to you to send a friend invite to your opponent and keep an eye on your friend list to make sure he has accepted it. If they do not accept it after 3 days let your captain know ASAP please.

    Once they have accepted your friend invite it is up to them to send you a message stating what time zone they are in and what days and times they can play there match with you

    You then can reply with an answer from there pick of times and dates but please remember to check the time difference 6pm where you are not 6pm all over the world so please adjust the time difference.

    Player 2

    If you are the player 2 you just wait for a friend invite once you have received it you need to send him some dates that you can play your match

    Something like this

    Hi thanks for the friend invite my time zone is GMT

    Times I can play are

    Thursday 24th at 7pm to 8pm my time

    Friday 25th at 8pm to 9pm my time

     ETC the more dates you can give them the better

    But please make sure you put a time not just Thursday night or Friday night.

     Do not wait for a player to be green

    That does not mean anything.state an exact time between you when you

    Both free and play,

    Its simple really








     CH,TL V L=2 points ,TM =4 points,M=6 points

     LV,TM =2 points,M =4  points               HIGHER TIER TO DEDUCT POINTS

    TMS V .M =2 points





    CH,TLS V L = 2 holes ,TM = 3holes,M=4 holes

    L V TM =2 holes, M =3 holes                HIGHER TIER TO CONCEDE HOLES   

    TMS V M ,=2 hole





    CH,TLS V L =2 strokes,TM=4 strokes,M=6 strokes

    L V TM =2 strokes,M =4 strokes             HIGHER TIER TO ADD STROKES


    TMS V .M =2 strokes





     the order of the team the captain sends me 1-8 is the order i will post regardless of tier,i will just put both teams together,

    handicaps will apply



    Each match will be played to a win,draw lose no sudden death(matchplay)

    Each match will have a 2 week timeline to complete

    Any matches not completed on time will deemed void,want to keep the comp moving on,

    Any players refusing to play will forfeit their match,


    Any gimmies must be agreed by both players before start(matchplay),

    any player  with a - and a number  by their name must concede designated hole/s(matchplay)

    any player with a + and number by their name must add strokes to their final score(strokeplay)

    any player with a -  and number by their name must deduct points from their final score(stableford)



     handicaps wont apply in extra time(matchplay)

    games must go to a finish,if so start again till there is a winner (stableford,strokeplay) or sudden death(matchplay)




     at the moment we have a 60sec timer,players must agree before they play if they want 60sec or 90secs,wouldnt bother me either but in the last comp,some players complained about slow play so i would say 60sec is plenty.





    Each match will be worth in every game 

    3 points=win , 1 point=draw ,0points=loss,void games 0

    So if you win all your matches in one round total=24 points

    Every match will count towards your total.





    any team of 8 players for each round must come from your squad only

    somebody tried last comp and i had to have a word,

    if a player is not able to play their match due to something private,you can replace them but you must inform the other team captain,

    same applies if you need to replace a squad member,you must inform me of any changes please,

    once squads are in,you cannot add to the squad if less than 12 unless a player has been active at your club for at least 3 months prior to the start date,

    any players leaving the club or dropping out of the squad for personnel reasons can be replaced but only by a player of the same tier,

    any tier changes must be reported to me please,


    thats about it for now 




  • PAULFINN52 United Kingdom
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    Sat, Feb 27 2016 8:51 AM

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    opened forum up to keep it at the top 


  • PAULFINN52 United Kingdom
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    Fri, Mar 4 2016 11:57 AM

    here are the latest results that have com

  • IRISHPUNK United States
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    Fri, Mar 4 2016 8:29 PM

    The link to the results page isn't working for me.   

    Group Two, Round 1:  IrishPunk  (GOGC Jets) beats Jim Cruz (SEL).

  • mikewilleford United States
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    Sat, Mar 5 2016 4:29 AM

    Just  FYI i was able to open the link but only after signing out of my google account. Then it works fine. hope this helps/




  • IRISHPUNK United States
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    Sat, Mar 5 2016 12:12 PM

    Sheesh, I didn't  even know I had a google account.  Lol.  I still have no idea how I'd go about trying to sign in just to be able to sign out.  

  • amateur4sure United Kingdom
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    Sat, Mar 5 2016 3:26 PM

    Paul... Hope I am in the right place my friend??

    Game 1, Group 1

    Legends of the World vs Costa Nostra

    thekidispure vs Wesdogg75

    Kev (The kid) Wins 1-0


  • stevereilly United Kingdom
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    Sat, Mar 5 2016 3:43 PM

    Latest result from Bridgestone     vs Big Bats happy house

    Sorry to report one of the most one sided results,   but   GolferdadRB beat Mufcmikecox  8&6.

    Mufcmikecox  don't feel down, you came up against one of WGTs best

  • stevereilly United Kingdom
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    Sat, Mar 5 2016 3:45 PM

    Unfortunately,    as a MUFC fan I can't but help but laugh........



    You can take the piss out of my team all you

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    Sun, Mar 6 2016 1:08 AM