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whats the point of change green speed in multi game

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Wed, Apr 30 2014 2:58 PM by bassieflup. 0 replies.
  • bassieflup Netherlands
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    Wed, Apr 30 2014 2:58 PM


    4 round 9 holes in multi month game.


    what is the point of put on the last 9 a green speed basic ?

    legends always play tour master or challenge or something like .

    whats the fun of it to put on the last hole a slow ball speed. ?

    this has nothing to do with making the game more difficulty.

    put some high wind or hard distance, personaly its litle bit child behave to make a

    setup like that.

    All legends playing same speed never play basic and then you start a game and find out you hit it way to slow.  Most of players not even know that speed.

    so for the one that setup this game's think 2 for be a child like that.