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Virtual U.S. Open Qualifier Winner Announced, and more...

Sat, Oct 5 2019 9:28 AM by kipdog87. 182 replies.
  • JSmithers United States
    1,147 Posts
    Wed, Aug 7 2019 1:22 PM


    Well I certainly won't bother entering. It does seem you don't have to put much effort in....just hit calc and ruler and hey presto birdie.....

    speak for yourself.  many players dont use a single thing.  work on your game and worry about yourself.  some people play by feel.  some with rulers and wind calculators.  at the end of the day you have to put the ball in the hole still.  I take pride in shooting well just off memory and feel.

  • mrwalleyz United States
    771 Posts
    Wed, Aug 7 2019 1:54 PM

    Well said brother!

    That "feel" could be considered as an organic internal calculation of 4 factors or more...most being memory driven. I'd almost bet that the accomplished "feel" player has a higher ceiling in this game than the player driven by charts and graphs ...

    Cheers and the best to you and Ranger.


  • kipdog87
    1,777 Posts
    Sat, Oct 5 2019 9:28 AM

    I know that i will never be one of the " Golden boys or girls " , but i have got to being a T/C just on just using my brain, eye and finger . I just wonder how good i could be if all three could work together .LoL