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Re: Thank You to the WGT Community

Sat, Nov 16 2019 4:45 PM by Imahacker58. 3 replies.
  • DufferJohn7 United States
    2,658 Posts
    Tue, Nov 12 2019 10:48 AM

    A big tip of the Duffer's cap and thank you to the WGT community who rallied around and supprted us in the wake of VOTSCC closing. You responded with suggestions to recover and restart, offers to take in homeless members so they had a place to play, and personally, Shot Pal and Putter Pal to save me credits. Thank you Christine.

    We all received invites from many clubs. Southern England Links, Redleaf Bay, The Founders Club, The Bushwackers, Doc's Place, 3 Lions CC, Daylight, CC All Stars, & Clwb Golff Draig Goch were all in my invite list. I'm sure some of our refugees will stay with their new clubs and both gain from that.

    Our fearless leaders have got things off the ground and we'll rebuild wth pride.

    Thank you again.

    Have fun and hit 'em straight,


  • DoctorLarry United States
    3,572 Posts
    Tue, Nov 12 2019 10:55 AM

    Best of luck in rebuilding!  

    With your attitude - it has to go well.

    Have fun and hit 'em straight,


  • Imahacker58 Australia
    143 Posts
    Sat, Nov 16 2019 4:45 PM

    Great to see you guys doing so well so quickly, best regards to all the guys John, Stuart.

  • Doc58 United States
    5,326 Posts
    Sun, Nov 17 2019 7:43 AM

    Good job getting the new club up and running, and the rebuilding process started. I'm sure the club will level up quickly as more members join in.

              Good luck to you all,