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WGT Pro Full Set (Pro+)

WGT Pro Full Set (Pro+)
1,415 Cr

WGT Pro Full Set

A solid, economical club set. Good distance and forgiveness coupled with a slower meter speed give you what you need where it counts. Set includes a driver, 3 fairway wood, 3 hybrid, iron set, 54° and 60° wedges.

Player Reviews

Wednesday, 25 Jan 2017
Hell of a set!!!
Wednesday, 23 Nov 2016
Sunday, 15 May 2016
Very decent cheap upgrade over the Starter clubs. They hit much longer and the irons seem to have a steeper angle of attack so there is less role on greens.
Monday, 14 Sep 2015
I'm going to keep these, except for the wedges, until level 90. It's a grind.
Monday, 19 Nov 2012
Maybe not instantly the best scores, because of the high meter speed, but for sure the best choice if you want to prepare for the clubs that really make a difference (starting from lvl 83 PING G20), without spending to many credits on your way there.