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Pro Shop » World Golf Tour Avatars » WGT Going Green (Male)

WGT Going Green (Male)

WGT Going Green (Male)
Green Shirt
Gray Pants
White Golf Shoes
Gray Belt

Going Green (Male 1)

This man is dressed in a green shirt, gray pants and a gray belt. He is wearing white golf shoes.

Player Reviews

Thursday, 02 May 2013

Awesome fit and great organic feel. And the price is just absurd for such quality wear. the green color does have a tendency to go slightly off-color after a while, but at this price you can replace it regularly without a problem
Thursday, 14 Feb 2013

Great comfort and a very relaxed fit which never pulled or shortened my backswing like some outfits tend to do. I would recommend this sportswear to anyone who wants to look classic without giving anything up in the way of favoring a tight fit. Great!