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MAX Meter 3 Hybrid 17° (L46+)

MAX Meter 3 Hybrid 17° (L46+)
Avg Distance
Shot Shaping
Meter Speed

495 Cr

MAX Meter 3 Hybrid 17°

All-black MAX hybrid with extra distance and more forgiveness, plus a slower WGT swing meter, at a good value.

Player Reviews

Sunday, 10 Sep 2023
This hybrid is worth it's weight in gold. This day, with this hybrid, I made a double eagle from almost 245 yards at PGA National!! I love this club, and I will not let it go. Try it for yourself; you'll like it! 💯🔥
Saturday, 19 Mar 2016
this 215 yard club works very well for pebble beach ctth #9. alot better than the L93 225 yard hibrid
Saturday, 12 Dec 2015
Just bought one of these and played a quick 9 holes. Looks like my life will change forever. I love it. Just to be able to make the green in 2, Well worth the credits!
Wednesday, 15 Apr 2015
another hidden secret in the pro shop x-cellent club...hook it up with some Srixons at 205credits and I say it is as good as anything out there....downwind grip it and rip it on in 2 with some goodwinds you will thank me for the advice...par 5's wait for you!!!!
Monday, 31 Mar 2014
I have to say, this is one of the best clubs in my bag at tour pro. 215 yards, but it goes further, and with the nike balls I use, you can put this on full backspin and it will stop dead. Fire it in at the pin, then forget. Makes a huge difference to my game. Best 500 credits youll spend!