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Adams Tight Lies Hybrid (L63+)

Adams Tight Lies Hybrid (L63+)
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1,745 Cr

Adams Tight Lies Hybrid

The latest hybrid from Adams combines its hybrid technology and Tight Lies design to help you get out of all types of situations. Swing confidently even on those tough second shots with extra forgiveness and precision for top players.

Player Reviews

Monday, 21 Sep 2020
I rented this particular Hybrid a few months ago, and never hit a bad shot with it. It's high trajectory gives very precise accuracy. Although I've gotten used to my current Taylormade Hybrid, my accuracy greatly improved the day that I took it for a test drive. Will buy soon.
Tuesday, 06 Aug 2019
I've had this for 33 levels and other then my driver & putter it's probably my most used club. I use it for everything from about 200-230 yards. Lands and stops beautifully from long distance. Particularly great for long shots out of the rough.
Monday, 28 Dec 2015
I love the high trajectory. It helps the ball land softly on those long par 3's. The extra half point on the meter also slows things down enough to be more accurate than I was with my TaylorMade. I rented, but looks like I am gonna buy
Wednesday, 25 Feb 2015