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Pro Shop » Wedges » TaylorMade ATV 64° Wedge (L39+)

TaylorMade ATV 64° Wedge (L39+)

TaylorMade ATV 64° Wedge (L39+)
Avg Distance
Shot Shaping
Meter Speed

495 Cr

TaylorMade ATV 64° Wedge

The latest ATV (All-Terain Versatility) technology from TaylorMade gives you optimum wedge performance from a range of lies. Get more control and spin. This 64 degree wedge is best for short sand and "flop" shots.

Player Reviews

Thursday, 17 Jan 2019

Just as advertised, this club is amazing for flop shots! As long as my distance is close and I aim somewhere between 5-9 feet left of the pin, my flops are crazy accurate! I would much rather use this method to set myself up for a close putt than having a tough long distance putt
Thursday, 05 Jul 2018

This is the best club in my bag. I throw darts with this and it is money from greenside rough or bunkers. I probably hole 1 shot every 2 rounds with this and it is well worth the price. I haven't tried the Cleveland wedges but I can't imagine how they can be much better than this.
Sunday, 05 Nov 2017

Love this wedge! Its got great brakes, will stop where it hits the green!!! Recommend It!
Wednesday, 26 Jul 2017

I originally paired this with the L41/42 Gorge because they all looked like good wedges "for the money". I'm now L88 and have unlocked MANY other wedges, but I still play these, because I've still not found anything else that approaches the ROI I get from these. Great wedge for the price.
Monday, 10 Apr 2017

I have this wedge and can say through experience that this club probably saves me a minimum of two strokes a game it's that handy to have in the bag!